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It is beneficial to start planning for your personal finances as soon as you can.


Do you plan to retire one day? Do you hope to save toward your children’s college education? What about your plan to one day purchase your dream home or automobile? How about paying down some major debts? These are all reasonable and attainable financial goals. But, for many of us, it is not always clear what we have to do to make these dreams come true. That is why it is a great idea to enlist professional help like the Personal Finance service we offer at PENUELCapital.


>When it comes to managing your personal finances, there's a lot of advice that gets floated around. You might find yourself asking friends and coworkers on tips for investing, reading up articles on money, or even scrolling social media to see what your favorite financial influencers have to say about how to optimize and enhance your portfolio. If there's one thing that can help your personal finance journey, it is the truth that you need personalized financial information, given the uncertainty that surrounds our individual lives, and the many economic variables that are out of our control as we journey through life and navigate retirement savings. This is the reason why PENUELCapital offers:

One-on-One Personalized Financial Information Service to Help you Maximize your Savings and Income and also Stay Ahead on all your Investment Endeavors.

What is Personal Finance?


Personal finance is the process of planning and managing personal financial activities such as income generation, spending, saving, investing, and protection for rainy days. Personal finance is about money management, your investments, and savings. It includes your budgeting, estate planning, banking, tax planning, insurance, retirement planning, and mortgage plans.

Income refers to your sources of cash inflow which may include your salary, bonuses, commissions, hourly wages, dividends, and pensions. These generate the cash you use to either spend, save, or invest. As a result, your income is the starting point of your financial planning process and the first step in your personal finance roadmap.

Investing relates to the purchase of assets that are expected to generate a rate of return for you, with the hope that over time you will receive back more money than you originally invested. Common ways of investing include investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, private companies, commodities, and art. Investing carries risk, and not all assets would end up giving you a high rate of positive return.

At PENUELCapital, we believe in putting your hard-earned money into a conservative mix of investments. Our elite team will discuss your full financial picture and expectations with you. We will provide you with the personalized information you need to help keep your savings goal and return-on-investments on track, and ensure you have a balance of investment assets that are continuing to grow efficiently with minimal risk.

You can never be too late to come up with financial goals to offer yourself and family the freedom and security that everyone desires.

Are you saving for something like a dream home, automobile, or wedding? Call, text or email us today and let’s work together during our one-on-one consultations to help you create a budget that fits your lifestyle and identify resources that can help you toward making that big purchase and actualizing your goal.

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